E-Commerce and Consumer Protection

Global e-commerce sales are growing and to no one’s surprise, fraud is growing too. Many countries in the world are now making / refining their cyber laws so that people of their country are protected against e-commerce frauds especially while doing online shopping.

In the recent years India has been experiencing an exponential growth in e- commerce. Virtually there are no watchdogs in the form of consumer forums or otherwise. As a result, it is unlikely that this new form of e-commerce business will deal effectively with the issue of consumer welfare, which includes issues such as trust, privacy and protection of consumer interests.

Therefore, some of the consumer groups and organizations have already taken up these issues and identified possible avenues of trade abuse by some online shopping sites. And they brought to light number issues such as privacy of information, provision of contract terms such as guarantees / warrantees, refunds, dispute settlement, hidden costs, misleading information and other problems. We can hope the Indian government will take necessary steps to safe guard the interests of their citizens.

Also there are some Consumer Forum websites to protect the consumers from fraud and bad service. In case of any bad experience in your online shopping, you can always contact such Forums who will help you to solve the issues. You can also approach Online Consumer Complaint Forums to file your complaint and they will take immediate action against company.

In spite of our best efforts, you will find some pitfalls in any systems. So there is nothing to get over worried; we must be cautious in what we do.

The bottom line is we must very careful in choosing a website for your online shopping. Try to follow the detailed guide lines given for a safe online shopping through our Online World Shopping Blogs.

So, be cheerful and make a beginning to your online shopping experience.

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