Legal Issues in Online Shopping

Legal Issues in General

Online shopping has been really growing very fast all over the world, especially in India. The number of Online Shopping sites operating in India is really on the increase since then. Thousands of e-commerce portals have emerged during the year 2012. Surprisingly, most of these websites are popular shopping websites.

Online shopping has both plus and minus points. Plus points include – time saving, money saving, product choice, shopping convenience, etc. And the minus points include – frauds and cyber- crimes committed against e-commerce users.  At times there are disagreements and dissatisfactions among buyers that cannot be resolved using traditional litigation methods.

Since people across the world are getting attracted to online shopping day by day, every country should ensure proper e-commerce laws to protect the interests of the people of their country.

E-Commerce Laws in India

The present litigation system of India is not conducive for the growth of e-commerce and online dispute resolution in India and can say that we have no dedicated e-retailing laws and regulations in India. They are still evolving. The Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000) is the sole cyber law of India. IT Act 2000 governs the online issues of e-commerce in India.

IT Act 2000 prescribes rules and norms for online contract formulation. The traditional concepts of offer and acceptance as applicable under the contractual laws have also been covered by the IT Act 2000. The IT Act 2000 prescribes stringent penal and pecuniary penalties for violation of its provisions during e-commerce transactions.

Present Situation

Some of the online shopping sites are violating the cyber law and other laws of India and the Indian government is not taking any action against these websites. It is high time to take strict action including penal action against such illegal e-commerce websites in India.

We can hope for better performance by the online shopping sites as they have now started realizing online market is a buyers’ market and in order to flourish their business, they will certainly be more transparent and committed to their offers/promises.

However, the prime responsibility rests with us while choosing the online site for shopping and be very careful about ordering and secured payment systems to ensure a hassle free online shopping.

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