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  1. socialhi5
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    you missed some other top Ipfs in this list.
    in my personal experience, SFLworldwide is good packaging service to use.

  2. Rajarajan
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    Yes, those are really the top Internation package forwarding service among the globe, am looking for this list from long ago, Thanks for your list. Can you please list it average charge for both air and ocean shipping?

  3. Sujay Ghosal
    Sujay Ghosal
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    Thank you for the collection that you have shared with us above .I really liked it so much and want to see such type of blogs more.

  4. andreSilva1993
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    Olá para todos nós! Estou vendo que tem muita gente que é desesperada e decepcionada com alguns despachantes? Recentemente ando pedindo umas coisas dos Estados Unidos e da Europa. E descobri um ótimo serviço que chapa Viabox. Primeiro pesquisei a respeito e descobri que:
    Vantagem de usar o Viabox:
    – Viabox.com tem as tarifas de frete mais baratas entre outras companhias.
    -Viabox é o único despachante que aceita pagamentos em bitcoins


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