Sepals and Petals add more beauty to the Night Queen

Sepals and Petals add more beauty to the Night Queen

Take a look at this Mystical Flower or Star of Bethlehem or tee Noghtg Blooming Queen You will see this flower has many petals and sepals and see how the sepals are shaped, and positioned around the flower below the Petals. In, fact, they look like protectors, protecting the beautiful flower night bloomer. And it is the size, shape ad position of the sea Sepals and Petals they add more beauty to this flower.

Sepals add more beauty to this night Queen,

Btw, this channel is all about ‘Night Bloomers’. On this channel you will find beautiful, informative, educative, entertaining, videos about the ‘ Night bloomers’ especially about the Night Blooming Queen. This video channel will also explore the possibility for enhancing the lifespan of the ‘Night Blooming Queen’.

Look at the petals and sepals,they really add more beauty to this flower.

This channel will also share details about a study being carried out to find out can we / how can we enhance the life span of the bloomed flowers / cut flowers. Similar studies undertaken by other across the world can certainly make a difference in the frequency of blooming, blooming time and lifespan of such night bloomers. We hope, we will be able to explorer more about the night bloomers and make them more visible to the world community.

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