Save Elephant- The Most Exploited Animal

Save Elephant- The Most Exploited Animal
Save Elephant – The Most Exploited Animal’ by GEORGE MALIAKAL

I am very glad to share my post about my latest book titled , ‘Save Elephant – The Most Exploited Animal’

This book, second one on Elephants is very special. It showcases the ground realities of Elephants across the world and how they are exploited. Very informative topics such as their Types, Population, Life and Behavior, Captivity and Training, as Working Animals, Animal Abuse and Cruelty the Elephants suffer under the cover of Temple Culture, Elephant Tourism-Future Trends, Elephant Poaching and International Ivory Trade, are the highlights of this book. A large Photo Gallery forming part of this book makes this book as one of the most preferred Reference Books, especially by Elephant Fans, Animal Lovers / Protectors around the world.
Though Elephants play a vital role in maintaining the biodiversity of our Ecosystem, they are facing some major threats like elephant poaching, loss of habitat, Elephant Tousirism, and Temple Culture making their lives quiet miserable putting their lives at risk, on the verge of extinction from this world.
It a very volatile situation and we cannot wait any further. So let us all join the ‘SAVE Elephant Movement’ and ensure the elephants are protected and preserved. We must also join the ‘SAVE ELEPHANT Movement, help in their Intensive Wild Life Production Programs and SAVE Elephants from extinction.
Remember, 12 August, the “World Elephant Day.”

Please take a preview of my above book. get a copy, on of the most sought after Reference book on Elephants.

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