Night Blooming Queen

Night Blooming Queen

Here is the picture of Night Blooming Queen plant (Star of Bethlehem ) of our house garden. it’s all set to bloom again for the third time during this year 2020, first was on 29 April, second on this 05 July and most probably the third blooming will be with in another 7-10 days .

A fully bloomed Night Queen

See the beautiful pic of this night blooming Queen I had taken from the second blooming session. And think of the plant blooming 12 such beautiful flowers within another 7 – 8 days from now. We are quite excited about the whole event. And as i had mentioned in my earlier, I shall be carrying out some studies to enhance the lifespan of this Night Queen from 2-to 4 hours to as much as we ca. have already made arrangements my study this time.

Sepals and Petals make this flower more beautiful.

Well, is is very rare to experience such a memorable event in our lives. By God’s blessing we hope everything will go well. We invite you all to be with us during this memorable moments we want you all also to be part of those proud moments watching our live uploads. Also please pray for me to give me the e courage and strength so that i am able to cover this event well.

Sepals and Petals make this flower more beautiful.

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  1. tanuja
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    Nice picture. Great article .Indian holy flower.We do pooja to this flower.


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