‘Buy My Books’ and help the Poor, needy and the deserving Children to build their future.

'Buy My Books' and help the Poor, needy and the deserving Children to build their future.
Some of my books

Hi to all my friends who very regularly visit my all my websites. Most of you perhaps must be aware that I am a Published Author and that I have some books to my credit. like, Photo Books, Trade Books, which include fiction, suspense thriller, Reference Books, I also have all my books converted into eBook format, so that all books can be part of any digital library.

I would also like to inform you that all my Photo Books are on very interesting topics on birds and apet animals like dogs, and they are really your home entertainer, informative, educative and inspiring – a wonderful gift for your children as well to your others.

They are all available in different editions and you can buy them on line. My booksare also available on own site – coins n stamps n my Books : https://coinsnstamps.in

Great offers are awaiting you!. Another point i want to share with you all is you konw aml my books are marketed by Amazon, Apple and other wlrod leaders in marketing and I am glad that my Boks are beiing liked and accepted by the readers across the world.

And lastly, I want to share another important point. ou know, writing is a passion for me. And I consider it as God’s gift. So I want to utilise the revenue / the sale amount from the sale of my books to help all those Poor, Needy and the Deserving children, wherever they are, help them to build a future for themselves. Therefore, when you buy one / two or three or more my books, you will be helpign those deserving children across the world.

Looking forward to your orders to buy my books for a noble cause! You can always share your views / comments on any of my websites.

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