Welcome to ‘Online World’.  We the ‘Trendsetters’ in online shopping blogs, bring you a new concept to make your Online Shopping more exciting and thrilling experience.

With our fast changing Life Style, online shopping’ is the ultimate solution. Online shopping offers fast, easy, money saving and gives you very interesting shopping experience.  The best advantage of online shopping is that it gives you 24 hours shopping facility. They also offer you many discounts / offers, you can do your complete shopping from your home, anywhere and anytime and then you will also have a large variety of quality products to choose from.

download (1)Furthermore, online shopping is a medium for all those who are away from their family and friends, to send gifts and other items. Wherever you are, just visit your favorite online shopping site, order your requirements and the items get delivered to the place of your choice. Isn’t it just amazing?

Online shopping has been really growing very fast all over the world, especially in India.  The number of Online Shopping sites in India is really on the increase since then.

Technology has also played a major role in the growth of E-commerce. It would be very interesting to know the growth profile of internet shopping.

SB_post_54_1The beginning – With the advent of internet and World Wide Web (www), people started setting up websites – building up of a product inventory, which they could to handle and started their online retail shops – Later followed other activities to improve the online retail system like –

  • Packing and Delivery this required huge material effort like labour and finance.
  • Receiving / collecting payments from the customesr – changes from the beginning till now – Debit card / Credit card / through Net Banking / Payment on Delivery / Cash on Delivery (COD).
  • Induction / listing of Potential Sellers to support your online retail business thus increasing the inventory and monitoring the activities like quality of their products / packing and delivery of goods in time to the right customer.
  • Building Trust among the online shoppers – online retailers worked hard to ensure Quality products/ Services as per the order – Delivery of goods in time – Provision for return of goods – Money Back Guarantee – Ensuring Delivery within the delivery schedule.
  • Increasing the customer base – online retailers ensured Quality products / Services – Speedy Delivery – made provision for Return of products / Money Back Guarantee – introduced special Offers / Discounts – Coupons and Bonus points – liberalized the payment system COD wherever possible – Customer Reviews – about the Online Retail Sites as well as Products / Services,
  • Concept of Saving – Saving What? Your Money? Your Time? So that you can think of generating some additional income? Incentives – Offers – Deals – Discounts – Coupons etc. Cash Back systems and the Price Comparison Sites to make the online  shopping further easier.

Contribution of IT for Online Shopping – Custom built software for Online Retail Websites – Use of Hardware – Desktop – tablets – Smartphones – and Apps for easy accessibility – Internet connectivity – Support from the Social Media – opened the way for Cross Border e-Commerce – Its challenges – finding solutions to those challenges – international parcel forwarding service – making it easy to get the product that you want, from anywhere in the world at your door step.

For sbp-48.3Technology stretching beyond imagination – Wearable’ Technology has Smart Glass, Smart Jewelry, Smart Gloves, Brainwave-reading headset lets you control your TV etc. to its credit. Technology further stretched beyond Imagination and we have:

  • The ‘Image-Recognition Technology’, where readers can scan the catalog with their mobile devices to see relevant content including a ‘360-view furniture displays’.
  • ‘Virtual Fitting Rooms’, so that the customers can select specific garments and see how they would look wearing those garments on large screen.
  • ‘Cosmetic Mirrors’ are digital screens that a customer can use to scan product barcodes and see a virtual image of their faces with a product virtually applied.

And now with ‘Visual Commerce’ and ‘visual Commerce market Place’ using the latest technology, we are moving into a wonder-world where shopping, whether online or offline compete against each other to attract and retain more and more consumers.

SB_post_79_3What do the families think about shopping?  Most families love to go together for shopping, because, it’s the quality time they spend together and it is also great fun.

But now a days, our life style has totally changed. Every member of the family, both young and old are busy alike. Further, due to worry and tension about the profession, then the time you spent in traffic blocks due to lack of infrastructure, no one has time for anything, especially for family shopping. Therefore, Online shopping is the ultimate solution to our fast changing ‘Life Style’. And the new ‘Visual Commerce Marketpalce’ technology allows you to walk-through any store and shop while sitting at your home, bringing back the real-life shopping experience’, while maintaining the best customer service.

“How can I identify the right online retail sites where I can do hassle free online shopping?” is the question that bothers many. Obviously this is quite a difficult task for many of us. It is here we play a major role.

Online World provide you with all latest and important information with respect to online shopping through our ‘Shopping Blogs’, ‘Product reviews’, and other relevant pages of our site. Further, we helps you to identify online shopping sites with a large inventory of quality products, best deals / offers, best customer care service, acceptable payment options and also ‘trust worthy’.  Online World is your friend and guide for your online shopping.

We believe in providing quality service and we hope our site ‘Online World’ will provide every information that you are looking for, thus making your online shopping quite hassle free, profitable and enjoyable.

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  1. Nice Article!! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing this impressive and useful Article.I like to do shopping.The advantage of on line shopping is to save a huge time.Keep sharing useful articles.

  3. Hammad says:

    The bit of contribution of IT to online shopping was knowledgeable and interesting to read. Online shopping gives solutions to many traditional shopping problems.

  4. imran says:

    Hello we are from GERGSTORE.COM Thanks for sharing very useful article.
    Online shopping is a great time management technique.
    Online shopping is the most convenient way, it helps in enjoying hassle free life.
    it has lot of advantages 24 hour shopping, online shopping like doorstep delivery, shopping from home and many more.

  5. Jacob Chiron says:

    I read this article and found it very interesting.

  6. Afee rock says:

    Nice Blog dear friend, You always give the useful information and your blogs are also full of knowledge and information. like a lot about this blog like other blogs

  7. Ash says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Amol says:

    Thanks for sharing very useful article.
    Online shopping is a great time management technique.
    Online shopping is the most convenient way, it helps in enjoying hassle free life.
    it has lot of advantages 24 hour shopping, online shopping like doorstep delivery, shopping from home and many more.

  9. Sarita Gupta says:

    You shared good information. I like your article. Thanks for it.Online grocery business in India is rapidly growing……nice blog…

  10. Cash Katta says:

    nice blog for this important information on were very Interesting…

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    Amazing blog on E commerce. I shop so many thing online and got the original products from the site.

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    s Mahesh Maurya

  13. Sakshi says:

    I always love to do shopping, and it is the best knowledgeable blog for me. Thanks.. And yes When I do online shop, I never forget to search coupons for saving my money. I always use CouponCharge for coupons and get best deals for that.

  14. James says:

    I agree with you, clear instruction showing how to do step by step is always handy for everyone. Thanks for posting it.

  15. vijay says:

    Step by Step explanation is great. i really appereciate the article.

  16. You described everything perfectly and from my personal experience I completely agree with you about family shopping. I agreed that People should consider everything before shopping like product reviews etc but still there are few shopping sites which provide best services to their customers rather than widely populated shopping sites. So it’s better to explore first and then looking forward to their reviews & everything.

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